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  • Managers today must realize that they can no longer afford to be merely technocrats or administrators placed in their positions to ensure that work gets done, and that the organization’s policies and rules and procedures are not breached.
  • They are now expected to earn their keep by contributing to the results of the organization. They must be highly market and business driven, able to look at important issues from a commercial perspective and make decisions that are not only technically correct but also make good business sense. They must constantly be in touch with their environment and sensitive to changes and developments taking place. They must anticipate threats to them and be able to identify and seek business opportunities to capitalize on.
  • These are among the many new challenges faced by Managers today, challenges they must overcome to stay ahead of the curve.
    Specially designed training courses to assist Managers today face their many new challenges
    • The Business-Driven Manager
      –The Manager The Entrepreneur
    • Thriving On Challenges
    • Networking & Relationship Building
    • The Manager The Change Agent
    • Managers Development Program
      –The Winning Manager
    • The Back of The Napkin – Solving
      Problems & Selling Ideas With Pictures
    • Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Social Communication Skills
    • Strategic Business Planning
    • Economics For Strategic Business Planning