SBF Group - Specialist in Business & Financial Training
  • To meet the many challenges they face, SME owners today must realize that they can no longer run their businesses in the same old way that SMEs have been “traditionally” run.
  • They must now do it very professionally, do it based on sound business and management principles. Making decisions based on gut-feel and instinct, keeping everything in the head, estimating or guessing production costs, “hoping” for it to happen ………. simply will not do today where opportunities are so fiercely contested for and mistakes can be very costly.
    These are the Training Courses under SME Development – there are 2 parts: (i) SMEs Competency Enhancement Courses (ii) SME Owners Development Program
      SMEs Competency Enhancement Programs
    • - Developing My Business Plan
    • - Understanding Financial Statements
    • - Financing My Working Capital Needs
    • - Extending Credit
    • - Credit Evaluation
    • - Managing My Receivables
    • - Collecting Difficult Accounts
    • - Smart Networking
    • - Understanding Documentary Credits & Their Operations
    • - Growing My Business
    • - Going International

      SME Owners Development Program

      If they want to succeed, indeed to even survive, SME owners today must equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their business professionally. SME Owners Development Program has been specially designed and developed to help them do this.
      The program is divided into 5 modules with each module consisting of a number of training sessions of 1 or 2 days duration.
    • - Module 1 – You & Your Business
    • - Module 2 – Accounting, Finance & Banking
    • - Module 3 – Marketing
    • - Module 4 – People & General Management
    • - Module 5 – Managing Growth & Internationalization