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  • Much has been talked about the academic institutions producing students who are ill-equipped to face the “real” world, the world of work and business.
  • As such, most of the leaving or graduating students go through a very painful period of adjusting to their new roles as responsible working adults. Learning through trial and error, some succeed while others fail to realize their full potential and capabilities.
  • The problem is compounded by the rapidly changing work environment posing an even greater challenge for the leaving or graduating students.
    These are the Training Courses under Starting Right – there are 2 parts: (i) ACE Programme (ii) CAATS – CreditAssess Analysts Training Programme
      ACE Programme
      ACE is a specially designed training and support initiative to enhance the employability of graduating students and assist them start right in their career of choice.
    • - Starting Right
    • - Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • - Being A Leader
    • - Personal Financial Planning
    • - Projecting The Best Side of Me
    • - Getting Along With Others – Building My Network
    • - The Job Search
    • - Starting My Own Business

      CAATS – CreditAssess Analysts Training Programme

      The CAATS (CreditAssess Analysts Training Programme) is a highly practical and hands-on training program to prepare the trainees for a position that requires them to study and analyze industries and businesses. The knowledge and skills that they will acquire will give them an edge in their job search, especially if they are planning for a career in banking and finance or as an Industry / Financial Analyst.

      The CA-ATS (CreditAssess-Analysts Training Programme) comprises 3 stages:
    • Stage 1 – Full-time classroom training – comprising 10 modules covering different but related subject matters.
    • Stage 2 – Full-time classroom training covering the following –
      Preparation of Morning Briefs on current economic and industry developments.
      Review and analysis of daily news, quarterly / half yearly / yearly financial reviews, etc of companies.
      Preparation of monthly industry reviews, including corporate developments and performances of the industry players.
    • Stage 3 – Full-time practical training / internship where the trainees are required to perform the functions and tasks expected of an Industry / Financial Analyst / Research Officer under the supervision and guidance of the facilitators.